Metawyrd Archives: Miscellanea – Bertoia, Basinski, Justice League Dark, Elliott Sharp and Jack Womack, VU vs. GD!

As a fan of David Langford’s monthly SF/F newsletter Ansible, I thought it would be fun to follow his format and publish a few news snippets that may interest Metawyrd readers.

Bertoia meets PBS – While I was watching Antiques Roadshow one night, I was surprised to see a sculpture from Bertoia appear. We music geeks best know Bertoia for the weird and wonderful metal sound sculptures that he made in the 60s. The Roadshow piece was bought at an estate sale for $10 but was thought to be worth $10000 at auction.

Timothy Hunter and DC’s New 52 – Comic writer Jeff Lemire, who recently took over the DC New 52 comic Justice League Dark, has indicated in a Newsarama interview that he will be introducing Timothy Hunter–who made his DC debut in Neil Gaiman‘s “Books of Magic” series–to the publisher’s New 52 reboot. Evidently, Lemire asked Gaiman for permission to use the character and Gaiman granted it as long as he “did something fresh and new” (Lemire’s words) with Hunter. Since I got into mainstream DC Comics after reading Books of Magic and its dandy Roger Zelazny introduction, this is very good news indeed.

Basinski and NPR – It turns out that avant-electronic composer William Basinski made an appearance on an October 2011 episode of NPR’s Soundng>Radiolab. He talked a bit about the origin of the Disintegration Loop compositions, in which he played and replayed selected bits of an old tape recording until the all of the magnetic material falls off and only ghosts of the recordings are left. Wire writer Anne-Hilde Neset was mentioned at the end of the show, so perhaps she connected the twain together.

Elliott Sharp and Jack Womack’s opera – Sharp, a veteran avant-garde composer/guitarist and SF/F fan, recently informed me that he and noted SF author/librettist Jack Womack have written an opera named “Binibon.”

“Binabon” is about the tragic tale of John Henry Abbott, a convicted murder who was paroled after he became a writing prodigy under Norman Mailer’s tutelage. However, a month after his release, he become embroiled in yet another killing at a Lower East Side cafe called the Binabon. “This work is the result of over 20 years of memory and reflection,” writes Sharp in the liner notes (posted ), so it sounds worthy of further investigation.

Warlocks vs Warlocks inna 1969 stylee – You probably know that the Grateful Dead and the Velvet Underground were around at the same time. Perhaps you also know that both of them originally wanted to be named the Warlocks. However, what you may not know is that they actually played a two-day Chicago residency in April 1969.

According to sources close to both bands, one band overplayed the first set and in revenge, the other reciprocated. Of course, who was the villain changes depending on which band you ask!

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